Monday, June 11, 2012

इस्तेमाल करने की विधि

इस keyboard को activate करने के लिए Left-Alt + Left-Shift को एक साथ दाबें | (नीचे दायीं ओर "HI" देख कर इसे confirm करें)

एक बार activate होने के बाद आप कुछ भी type करेंगे तो वह हिन्दी में type होगा |

इस keyboard को deactivate करने के लिए Left-Alt + Left-Shift को एक साथ फिर से दाबें | इससे आप फिर से English Keyboard पर वापस आ जाएँगे  | (नीचे दायीं ओर "EN" देख कर इसे confirm करें)

1. All *Right keys require Right-Alt to be pressed
2. All Top* keys require Shift to be pressed          

1. Note that in the normal English keyboard, we only have the Top Left and Bottom left symbols(eg. 'i' and 'I') and no symbols on the right. So we never need to press Right-Alt. Hindi with more symbols than the English Alphabet needs to have symbols on the right side of the key too, in order to accommodate all the letters of Devanagari script.

2. Its worthwhile to be comfortable with Left-Alt+Left-Shift to change keyboards between Hindi and English very fast.

Normal English keyboard: Shift+i = I
HindiS Keyboard :     i                                ---> ि
                                  Shift + i                      ---> ी
                                  Right-Alt + i               ---> इ
                                  Right-Alt + Shift + i   ---> ई

Common Conjugate Letters:

क + ् + ष = क्ष
त  + ् + र = त्र
श  + ् + र = श्र
ज + ् + ञ = ज्ञ
प      +    ृ = पृ
प + ् + र   = प्र
र + ् + थ  = र्थ  (eg. अर्थ)

कभी कभी हलन्त (्) को अक्षर में समाहित ना करके हम उसे हलन्त रूप में ही छोड़ना पसन्द करते हैं | उन परिस्थितियों के लिए हलन्त के बाद Shift-y type कर दें |

 व  + ि + द + ् + य +ा = विद्या
 व  + ि + द + ् + Shift-y + य +ा = विद्‌या


  1. i have downloaded the setup
    please tell me installation process in window xp

    1. @Rishabh:
      Please try installing the setup.exe and let me know if it works for you. If it does then most of your job is done.
      I'll then try to guide you for enabling the keyboard.

    2. Installation steps for Windows XP:

  2. how it is different from google hindi input?

    1. @Abhinav: Its different because its phonetic. Most of the keys are laid out based on sound. Believe me, once you've used it for a week... you wont go back to google :)
      Also, the typing sequence is logical:

      For Abhinav:
      अ + भ + ि + न + व = (Right-Alt-a) + (Shift-b) + i + n + v

      Now assuming you count Right-Alt and Shift as separate keystrokes, which they arent because you press them simultaneously with 'a' and 'b' - you ended up pressing 7 keystrokes which is still not worse than what you already do in you google hindi input. On the other hand, once you've used it for some time, you'll see that Right-Alt and Shift really start coming instinctively to you. So effectively it'll be 5 keystrokes. Try it out for other words and you'll see what I am talking about :)

  3. @crimsonflame: it is not right-ctrl key as you have mentioned every where but its the right-alt key

    1. 2. Its worthwhile to be comfortable with Left-Ctrl+Left-Shift to change keyboards between Hindi and English very fast.

      also here it should be Left-Alt

    2. Thanks for pointing out. Corrected it now! :)

  4. I could not type the following ऋतू कृपा हॉ Please tell me how to type these words

    1. Once you have switched to the hindi keyboard, type the following keys:

      Right-Alt + q
      w (small w)
      U (capital U)
      Right-Alt v

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  6. हम इसमे हाफ अछर कैसे लिखेगे...
    जेसै कलयाण मे ल को अधा लिखना हो तो केसै लिखेगे.....

    1. कल्याण = क + ल + ्(हलन्त) + य + ा (आ-कार) + ण
      = k + l + a(small a) + y + A(capital A) + N (capital N)

  7. इसमें "विद्‌‌या'' कैसे लिखेंगे .धन्यवाद !

  8. ञ कैसे लिखे ।