Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reasons to Use HindiWx

1. Guaranteed less number of keystrokes for most of the words(Please dont come back with a word that has 1-2 extra keystrokes with this layout. I'm not giving away prizes for that). See here.

2. There is no background processing involved here for figuring out words unlike google offerings. So less processing power required.

3. The learning curve for this layout is not steep. You will find most of the keys to be where you expect them to be based on sound.

4. The typing is more intuitive, the way you type in Hindi. For example a letter and then a maatra. Again see the example here.

5. If you are using web based transliteration/typing tools then this will give you a great advantage. No copy/pasting or internet required.

6.  A phonetic keyboard is transliteration-like but at a more granular level.

I have people using it for the past one year and they love it. Please do try it out for a week or two before forming an opinion about the effectiveness.

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